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Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing - Episodic Long Form – Effects / Foley


Chernobyl “1:23:45”

Supervising Sound Editor: Stefan Henrix
Sound Designer: Joe Beal
Foley Editors: Philip Clements, Tom Stewart
Foley Artist: Anna Wright

Black Mirror “Striking Vipers”

Supervising Sound Editor: Steve Browell
Sound Designer: Steve Browell
Foley Artist: Barnaby Smyth
Foley Editor: Mathias Schuster

Game of Thrones “The Bells”

Supervising Sound Editor: Tim Kimmel
Sound Designer: Paula Fairfield, MPSE
Sound Effects Editors: Bradley Katona, MPSE Luke Gibleon
Foley Artists: Jeffrey Wilhoit, MPSE Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit
Foley Editor: Brett Voss, MPSE

Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance “What Was Sundered and Undone”

Supervising Sound Editor: Tim Nielsen
Sound Designers: David Farmer, MPSE, Tim Nielsen
Sound Effects Editors: Andre Zweers, Jon Borland, Addison Teague, Lee Gilmore, MPSE
Foley Artists: Shelley Roden, MPSE, John Roesch, MPSE
Foley Editor: Anthony De Francesco

Peaky Blinders “Strategy”

Supervising Sound Editor: Jim Goddard
Sound Effects Editor: Sarah Elias
Foley Artists: Catherine Thomas, Anna Wright
Foley Editor: Tom Stewart

Stranger Things “Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt”

Supervising Sound Editors: Craig Henighan, William Files, MPSE
Sound Effects Editors: Angelo Palazzo, Katie Halliday
Foley Artist: Steven Baine

True Detective “The Great War and Modern Memory”

Supervising Sound Editor: Mandell Winter, MPSE
Sound Designer: David Esparza, MPSE
Sound Effects Editor: Ryan Collins, MPSE
Foley Editor: Eryne Prine, MPSE
Foley Artists: Sarah Monat, Robin Harlan

Watchmen “The Extraordinary Being”

Supervising Sound Editor: Bradley North
Sound Designer: Harry Cohen, MPSE
Sound Effects Editors: Jordan Wilby, MPSE
Foley Artist: Zane Bruce, Lindsay Pepper
Foley Editor: Antony Zeller, MPSE, AJ Shapiro

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