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Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Live Action Under 35:00


Servant: "2:00"

Apple TV+

Supervising Sound Editor: Sean Garnhart

Sound Effects Editor: Mark Filip

Dialogue Editor: Michael Feuser

Music Editor: Lesley Langs

Foley Editors: Julien Pirrie

Foley Artist: Gareth Rhys Jones


Brooklyn 99: "Lights Out"


Supervising Sound Editor: Danika Wikke, MPSE

Dialogue Editor: Joe Schiff

Sound Effects Editor: Mark Cookson

Foley Artists: Jonathan Bruce, Ben Parker

Foley Editors: Julia Huberman, Amy Barber

Music Editor: Tessa Phillips


Dead To Me: "If You Only Knew"


Supervising Sound Editor: Walter Newman, MPSE

Supervising ADR Editor: Darleen Stoker

Sound Effects Editor: Ron Salalses

Music Editor: Amber Funk, MPSE

Foley Editors: Peter Reynolds, Arno Stephanian

Foley Artists: Sanaa Kelley, Matt Salib 


Homecoming: "Giant"


Supervising Sound Editors: Kevin Buchholz, Brett Hinton

Music Editor: Ben Zales

Sound Effects Editor: Dan Kremer

Sound Designer: Daniel Colman, MPSE

Dialogue Editors: Polly McKinnon, Helen Luttrell

Foley Editor: Randy Guth

Foley Artists: Dominique Decaudain, Pam Kahn, Nancy Parker, MPSE, Mike Marino 


I May Destroy You: “Eyes Eyes Eyes Eyes”


Supervising Sound Editor: Jim Goddard

Sound Designer: Joe Beal

Dialogue Editor: Tom Deane

Foley Editor: Alex Sidiropoulos

Foley Artist: Anna Wright


A Parks and Recreation Special

NBC Universal

Supervising Sound Editor: J. Brent Findley, MPSE

Music Editors: Jason Tregoe Newman, Bryant J. Fuhrmann

Dialogue Editor: Michael Jesmer


Space Force: "The Launch"


Supervising Sound Editors: Bobby Mackston, Paul Hammond

Sound Effects Editor: Sean Garnhart

Music Editor: Jason Tregoe Newman, Tessa Philips

Foley Editors: Aran Tanchum, Alfredo Douglas

Foley Artist: Vincent Guisetti


Ted Lasso: "The Hope That Kills You"

Apple TV+

Supervising Sound Editor: Brent Findley, MPSE

Sound Effects Editor: Kip Smedley

Dialogue Editor: Bernard Weiser, MPSE

Music Editors: Sharyn Gersh, Richard Brown

Foley Editor: Jordan McClain

Foley Artists: Sanaa Kelley, Matt Salib

Golden Reel Award trophy

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