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Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Feature Effects / Foley



Apple TV+

Supervising Sound Editors: Warren Shaw, Michael Minkler

Associate Supervising Sound Editor: Will Digby, MPSE

Sound Designers: Ann Scibelli, Jon Title

Sound Effects Editors: Jeff Sawyer, Richard Kitting, Odin Benitez, MPSE; Jason King

Foley Editor: Luke Gibleon

Foley Artist: Marko Costanzo



Apple TV+

Supervising Sound Editor: Mark Binder, MPSE

Sound Effects Editors: Donald Flick, Michael Gilbert, Matthew Coby

Foley Editors: Trevor Cress, Vu Le

Foley Artist: Rick Owens


The Midnight Sky


Supervising Sound Editors: Bjørn Schroeder, Randy Thom

Sound Designer: Kyrsten Mate

Sound Effects Editor: Leff Lefferts

Foley Editor: Nicholas Docter

Foley Artists: John Roesch, Shelley Roden


News of the World

Universal Pictures

Supervising Sound Editor: Oliver Tarney

Sound Designer: Mike Fentum

Sound Effects Editors: Kevin Penney, Dawn Gough

Foley Editor: Hugo Adams

Foley Artists: Sue Harding, Andrea King, Oliver Ferris


Sound of Metal


Supervising Sound Editor: Nicolas Becker

Sound Effects Editor: Carolina Santana

Foley Editor: Pietu Korhonen

Foley Artist: Heikke Kossi



Warner Bros.

Supervising Sound Editor: Richard King

Sound Effects Editors: Michael W. Mitchell, Joseph Fraioli, Mark Larry, Randy Torres

Foley Editors: Bruce Tanis, MPSE; Angela Ang

Foley Artists: Catherine Harper, MPSE; John Roesch, MPSE; Katie Rose, Alyson Dee Moore, Chris Moriana, Shelley Roden, MPSE; Dan O'Connell, John Cucci, MPSE


Wonder Woman 84

Warner Bros.

Supervising Sound Editors: Richard King, Jimmy Boyle

Sound Effects Editors: Rowan Watson, Michael Babcock, Jeff Sawyer

Foley Editors: Kevin Penney, Lily Blazewicz

Foley Artists: Peter Burgis, Zoe Freed

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